The Reboot that Nobody Asked for!


Yamamoto san

Yamamoto San is a side scrolling platformer from a freeware developer by the name of Yuzuru Yasuda . I think that might actually be his real name. The game has 16 levels in total, each offering plenty of platform jumping and baddie busting action. The first couple of levels are actually a kind of training mode which is entirely in Japanese, however anyone familiar with platform games should have zero trouble figuring out the basics. The production values of this particular freeware title are a cut above the rest, thankfully this doesn’t mean that the quality of the gameplay itself has been compromised in any way. It also supports (most) gamepads, which is a nice bonus.

The game plays a lot like an early Mario Bros game. You have no attacks as such, however you can take out any enemies you come across by jumping on their heads. Yamamoto San also has the ability to run, which is only useful when you need the extra boost to clear a particularly long jump, but it does come in handy from time to time. There are also coins spread throughout the levels, much like an 8bit Mario title. I don’t think collecting coins does a hell of a lot other than increase your score, but then I wasn’t really paying close attention while I was playing it either. There are different kinds (read:colours) of coins which give varying amounts of points when collected, but to be fair I never really bothered to try and collect the coins at all. I would leave the coin collecting to those that love having 100% completion rates and screens full of unlocked achievements.

The levels themselves aren’t overly long, but they are a lot of fun. Yamamoto San isn’t a very difficult game. You have a huge stock pile of extra lives right from the get-go, most enemies are slow moving and die with a single blow to the head. I didn’t mind the low difficulty level of Yamamoto San at all. It was nice to start a game and make substantial progress on my first try. Ike I said before, the game is 16 levels long and I managed to get up to level 13 on my first try. The game does get more difficult as you progress through levels, but it’s a gradual increase in difficulty. The game has a very forgiving learning curve.

It seems obvious that the games creator, Yuzuru, had only one goal when putting this game together; fun. And Yamamoto San delivers big time in the fun department. It’s a great game to kick back and play with a couple of beers on a Sunday morning with your wife complaining about how much you drink and calling you and alcoholic while trying to explain to her that time is relative and beer waits for no man. Two thumbs, way up!

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