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The title says it all. Zombie Shooting. That’s literally the game. You stand in a room with a gun and shoot zombies. Have you ever played a game that failed to deliver? A game with a title that mislead or flat out lied to the player. Yeah? Well this game is the absolute opposite of that. There is no bullshit training mode to sit through, nor is there some third rate b-movie level plot. No hammy voice actors just reading straight from a script and hoping that their pay check will cover this months liqour bill. It really is nothing but shooting zombies. And that can be a lot of fun if you’re in the right mood. And really, when are you not in the mood for shooting zombies.

The game is so simple it kind of feels a bit like a smartphone app/time waster. Only it’s free and there are no in-game purchases to be made. It’s a nice little time waster, and can be played in a window or full screen. It’s surprisingly addictive, but ultimately a one-note pony. A pretty fun pony, but a pony none the less.

Considering that this is a freeware title, the graphics are actually pretty good. The play-field itself is tiny though, just a small rusted-out room for you defend yourself against legions of the undead. They all look pretty much the same as well, as if someone cloned the same man and then they all turned to zombies overnight. Kind of like the crowd of a football game. I found that the best tactic was to move over to a corner in the room and pick off the zombies as they walked through the doors.

The game has a first person perspective and the controls, while responsive and smooth, are slow. Though this actually adds to

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the game as is means timing your movements becomes quit and important aspect of the gameplay. You have a set number of shots before you have reload. The reload time is quick enough to not get in the way of the game play, but just long enough that you really need to take it into account when playing. Running out of bullets at the wrong time could lead to getting eaten by a swarm of rabid zombies. Never a good time.

Head shots are able to kill the zombies in one hit, but are quite tricky to pull of as their heads bob around as the walk. A few shots anywhere else on their body will send them back to hell. A nice little game to waste away a few minutes you may have spare.

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