Wonder Woman 8-Bit Trailer Mock-Up

Wonder Woman 8-Bit Trailer Mock-Up

A YouTube channel by the name of JoBlo videos has uploaded a trailer of what they believe an 8-bit tie in game for the soon-to-be released Wonder Woman film.

Anyone who has actually played an 8 bit system can immediately tell that the envisioned game would be far more than any of them could handle. While the Sega Master System was able to pull off some decent looking graphics by the end of its life-cycle, I don’t think even that system would be able to achieve the fluid and quick gameplay shown in the trailer without sprite-flickering to the point of unplayability.

As far as I know, the first video game appearance of Wonder Woman was in a 16 bit fighting game for the Super Nintendo called Justice League Task Force, which was panned for its shitty controls, shitty animation and overall shittyness.

Well that’s hardly a fair fight. Where the fuck does Superman get off entering a fighting competition with mere mortals? Total dick move.

Anyway, the trailer is kinda cool, so give it a watch if you haven’t already.

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