Tofu Adventure

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Tofu Adventure is a new-retro freeware platformer from Studio Byp. I think. I had a look at the documentation and it did give a few specific names, but the author’s homepage seems to be offline and there is no mention of this game on Studio Byp’s homepage either, which is weird, but at least the download still exists.
Tofu, a traditional Japanese staple made from bean curd, comes in little white blocks, and the hero of the game has the same shape. Here in Japan it is still possible to find Tofu shops, normally run by and ancient little old lady, or sometimes a pleasant-to-the-point-of-being-creepy middle aged man with a huge, toothy smile. Well maybe not every single Tofu store, but I am completely serious when I say that I’ve never once seen a normal person working in one. There is always some weirdo in a dimly lit room, sitting in front of a chest-style refrigerator in which small white blocks of Tofu sit submerged in water. They have that smell of a hosed-down driveway and they are always oddly silent. They also only sell tofu. Not even soy sauce or rice, just tofu. I highly recommend a trip to a tofu shop, which are sometimes just a room of someone’s house which they have opened up to the sidewalk, to any person coming to Japan. There is just something so strangely unnerving about them.

Tofu Adventure is another homebrew title made with Action Editor, a piece of software responsible for most of the bullshit platformers churned out by the Japanese freeware community. This game, however, looks really quite polished and plays quite well. The game poses a decent challenge for a simple platformer, but it is not frustratingly difficult. Sadly enough, it only takes a few hits for our little Tofu friend to bite the dust. The game also has a save feature which is awesome. Almost as awesome as Tofu dip. It’s quite hard to find ingredients for dip in Japan, meaning I have to eat my potato chips dry like some kind of savage.
First prepare a few blocks of Tofu. Next, draw as much of the moisture out of the tofu as you can. The best way to do this is to wrap the blocks of tofu in paper towels, place them in a counter top and then black something heavy, like a wooden chopping board, on top. The pressure on the tofu will squeeze much of the moisture out and the paper towels will absorb it. Brilliant. From there the tofu will take on a paste-like consistency which you can flavor as you like. For best results, add a packet of onion or seafood powdered soup mix.

The hero of the game wields a sword, which is quite the accomplishment for a block of Tofu, and can be powered-up to a projectile attack. The weapon power-up is really a game-changer as working your way up to the triple shot projectile makes the game so much easier that losing a life and losing the power-uped weapon almost makes you want to quit playing. The enemies in the game are your stock-standard 8bit fare, with predictable movement patterns and attacks, they work quite well in this game. So I say give Tofu Adventure a try, and once you’re done with that you can try some tofu dip. Seriously, its tasty as fuck.

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