The Secret Treasure of Nostradamus ノストラダムスの秘宝

I wasn’t able to find out anything about this game’s creator or the origin of this game, expect that it was submitted to some kind of home-brew game competition. The premise is simple, collect all the treasure on one single, static screen to complete the level. The player character can smash the blocks directly above himself by jumping up into them, a la Super Mario Bros, but can only smash blocks made from bricks, with the solid blue blocks being impossible to smash. There are items in the game which have different effects, but probably not what the average game is used to. For example, there is an item which resembles a health pack, but the item does not heal the player (not possible either – one hit kills) but rather restores blocks which have already been smashed. There is also a double headed arrow item which switches the unbreakable and breakable blocks, and becomes and important game mechanic quite early on in the game. I enjoyed this game; it’s nothing amazing, but it’s still a well put together and solid little platform-puzzler.

The game supported my game pad, but one of the buttons acted as a kill switch and closed the entire game itself, so it is best your figure out which button on your own game pad does this beforehand.



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