Click here to get your hands on zDoom, a doom source-port which makes playing custom doom levels as easy as shit. NJ Doom is a custom WAD file for Doom. A WAD file holds the level data itself and *is* essentially the game, so a custom WAD file is really just a way of saying a custom set of Doom levels. There are hundreds of such WAD files floating about, and it might surprise some to know that the Doom 1 & 2 modding community is still alive and kicking after all these years. I have been playing these fan-created doom levels and remakes on and off for a while now, and I thought it might be time that I share some of the better ones I come across.… Read the rest

Mouse Shooting is a super-simple space shooter in which the player space craft is controlled by the mouse. Movement is unrestricted by artificial lag or slow down, so you can dart about the player screen with the same speed you could move the cursor on your desktop to close that porn site when your wife walks into the room. The creator actually already uploaded a gameplay video, so I will link that here as it does a better job of showcasing the gameplay than my dictionary-through-a-blender approach to writing ever could. Click here go to download page… Read the rest

Click the button below to download the shareware version Threat is top-down shoot ‘em up for the PC, released in 1995 by Fragment software. It was, as was standard practice at the time, released as shareware with paid registration required to unlock two of the three episodes. As Fragment Software’s website is no longer up and running, it is no longer possible to register the game. However the shareware version can easily be found after a little internet-fu on your favorite search engine. I did have the full version of this game, but the files are long gone. Each level is comprised of a single screen.… Read the rest