Download Well what can I say about this game? The title says it all really. Box. Yep, it sure is. Box is a puzzle game where you have to fit a bunch of smaller boxes inside of a bigger one. That’s it. There is no time limit that I am aware of and the scoring system seems kind of arbitrary. So yeah, little boxes inside of big boxes. You are able to select the level of difficulty and style of boxes and…that’s a bout it. The title doesn’t lie. This is from the same creator as Magical Jewelry, who it seems has an affinity for puzzle games.… Read the rest

Download Be My Sword starts out with a very professional looking title screen. From there we get a little bit of story. Basically some uppity bitch named Himeno tells you to be her sword so naturally you turn into a sword. I wish I was making this shit up.As it turns out, her big sister has been accused of being … responsible for a crime or something, and this girl that has just turned you into a sword simply must to do something about it. It didn’t take me long to figure out that the back story of the game designers idea of a joke.… Read the rest

Download For the first time in a very long time a game gave me a case of the “what the fuck?”s. Literally. I opened up this game and cried “what the fuuuuuck?” as soon as the gameplay started. My wife was all like “stop talking to your computer, you know it can’t hear you”, so I was all like “go make me a turkey pot pie!” and then she hit me up the back of the head. At any rate, the WTF meter really goes into the red with this little gem. First off, you will notice that it is very amateurish (is that even a word?) and looks like the all the in-game graphic s were done in MS paint, which they probably were.… Read the rest

Download Magic Mop is a nice little time waster for the PC by Japanese freeware developer Studio Cyber Junk Project . The game consists of little maid waxing floors with the goal being to wax each section of the floor without going over the same spot twice. It seems like a simple concept and it is. That is seriously the whole game in a nutshell. The first few stages are painfully easy. There is almost no thought involved and one could just about do them blindfolded. It’s not until the later levels that you must begin to think ahead and plot out the best plan of action in advance.… Read the rest

Download Legend cave is a free RPG/platform hybrid from Japanese freeware developer Bombalmen. The game is completely in Japanese, however that shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying it as there is virtually no dialog. It is not a story rich epic journey type RPG, but rather a ‘you VS everything’ survival type of game. The game opens to the developer’s logo and then straight into the main menu. First time players of course will want to start a new game, which is the first option on the screen In Legend Cave, you choose from one four character types, as well as their gender.… Read the rest

Download WanaX2 is a ghost catching game. Kind of like that that movie Ghostbusters, but with less Bill Murray. The word “wana” typically means “trap” in Japanese, which would explain the whole ghost catching side, but I’m not sure about the “x2” part. Mind you, I doubt anyone at all really gives a shit anyways. The basic mechanics of the game are very simple. You simply move around the play area (which is a single, non scrolling screen) and lay ghost traps in the hope that a one of the ghosts prancing around the room will wander into it and get trapped.… Read the rest

Download Have you ever wanted to see four hamsters body slamming the shit out of each other and roll into fences? Of course you have, and this is your chance. Rolling Hamster Kids is so much fun it hurts. You start the game choosing what kind of game mode you want. You can choose a one on one battle right through to a four player free for all. The game can be played with four friends and can also be played over a network. I haven’t tested it though, as my two best friends Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker weren’t interested.… Read the rest

Download This game is freaking awesome. It’s a 2D fighter, similar to Guilty Gear, which seems to have been made with some kind of fighting game making kit. The graphics in this game are fan-fucking-tastic and fluid as hell. It really is a nicely polished piece of work. Unfortunately the creator has given up on the game making business (according to his website) which is a shame, but it can’t be helped.The game isn’t exactly new on the freeware scene and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few die hard Otaku out there have already played it, but whatever. I like this game so I’m gonna review it.… Read the rest

Download Nezumi means Mouse and Man means Man. That’s pretty much all you need to know about this games mascot. Starting the game up I find that the game window doesn’t quite fit in my laptops screen. Oh well. As soon as it starts I know what I’m in for; a Megaman clone. The level select screen is the same, the controls are the same, the attack is the same (only you can’t do a charge shot for some stupid reason). Despite this, after a few minutes of play time you do somewhat forget that it’s a blatant rip-off. Well allmost.… Read the rest

Download RIAH is a freeware platformer that looks and plays a lot like a classic NES or SMS title. It looks very “8-bit”. You play a heroine who is going on some sort of quest for some reason or another. Absolutely no story is given in this game, but it is actually kind of nice not to have to sit through screens of back story and some bullshit training mode before you can even start playing the game itself. You start with a kind of extendable long sword as your main weapon. It took me a little while to realize that you can change your primary weapon to either a projectile (some kind of throwing dagger), a hammer that flies up in an arc or a kind of spiked Frisbee/boomerang that flies forward at first, then curves and flies towards the opposite edge of the screen.… Read the rest