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The Reboot That Nobody Asked For!


Blue Tights 青いタイツ

For the first time in a very long time a game made me gave me a case of the “what the fuck?”s. Literally. I opened up this game and said “what the fuuuuuck?” as soon as the gameplay started. My wife was all like “stop talking to your computer, you know it can’t hear you”, so I was all like “go make me a turkey pot pie!”…

Excelsior, Phase One

Excelsior, Phase One is the first of two freeware role playing games produced by 11th Dimension Entertainment. The first game is reminiscent of the early Ultima games, while the second installment looks and plays more like one of the later entries in the Ultima series. In my humble and often disregarded opinion, Excelsior Phase One trumps the lot. Well maybe it doesn’t quite “trump” the Ultima series, but it is definitely on the same level.…