The Reboot that Nobody Asked for!


Parity Shot Integral

Parity shot integral is a side-scrollling shooter created by indie Japanese game developer Crane House. I’m not actually sure what the status of this indie game group is because, despite the download page for this game still being up, their homepage seems to be gone. As far as cutesy Japanese side-scrolling shooters go, it’s pretty good. The download is available directly from their website. Although it is only a trial version, it has enough substance to justify a download and a play-through.

While a pretty run-of-the-mill Japanese indie shooter, I did find the production values to be a bit better than usual. The music was strangely relaxing as well. But no game can be a game without gameplay, and Parity Shot Integral delivers about what you would expect. There are three playable characters, but I’m not sure if all of them are playable in the trial version. There are a number of different main attacks, including a regular shot, a weird homing-laser type shot, and a rapid fire shot. They remind me of the three different types of attacks from the Rainden series of vertical shooters. There is also a bomb attack, because if course there is a bomb attack. Your enemies are all so cute that it seems wrong to have to shoot them out of the sky.

I think the video below will do a better job of showcasing this game than my rambling explanations ever will.

The homepage seems to be down, so click the link below to download