Released in the summer of 1985, Weird Science took movie goers on a rollercoaster ride of a film with two bumbling nerds who create a woman on their computer who is brought to life by a well-placed bolt of lightning. You might be interested to know that the film was based on a one-off comic titled “Made of the Future” which appeared in a 1950’s EC Comics magazine called, you guessed it, Weird Science. Gary, played by Anthony Michael Hall who was well known at the time for playing the ‘awkward teenage boy’ character, absolutely steals the show with his tenacity, while his shy friend Wyatt, played by Ilan Mitchell-Smith, lays a solid foundation to the pair’s act.… Read the rest

James Bond : The Duel was released on the Sega Genesis and its 8bit relative, the Master System in 1993 by Domark, which no longer exists as a game creator. Domark actually produced a long list of games before being swallowed by Edios software, with Klax and Desert Strike being among their more notable releases. They also produced video game adaptations of A View to a Kill, 007: License to Kill, The Spy who Loved Me and The Living Daylights, so it’s probably safe to say that they know their shit when it comes to James Bond video games. The game stars Timothy Dalton in his last ever role as 007.… Read the rest

Third party consoles, or hardware emulation devices, are nothing new. There have been consoles released in the past which have emulated the hardware of the NES, Super Nintendo and even Genesis so that they can accept and play original carts form those systems. Hell, multi-system hardware emulators aren’t even a new thing, which most being made with slots to accept  carts from different console types. RetroFreak is looking to take the concept to a whole new level. This device claims to do it all. Not only does it have support for a number of consoles, including the NES, SNES, Genesis, PCEngine, GB, GBA, but also boasts save states, cheats, output filters, multi-gamepad support and, possibly most controversial of all, the ability to copy the game file from a cart and add it to an on-board library of games.… Read the rest

Compliance! Flight of the Navigator captured the hearts of a generation. The tale of a boy pushed forward through time due to a miscalculation of an alien spacecraft and its computerized on-board navigation system was, for many, the movie of 1986. Almost any child of the 80’s will have memories of this film. 1986 was quite a while ago. The actor who played David, Joey Cramer, is now 41 years old. Forty-fucking-one. Feel old yet? I know I do. Or at least my liver does. At any rate, I would say that this movie is well overdue for a remake. Since Flight of the Navigator was released, both the Spider-Man and Superman film franchises have been remade three fucking times.… Read the rest

Most people who grew up with a gaming console know of the Ninja Gaiden franchise. It started life as a beat em’ up arcade game which was later ported to a number of systems, most notably the Nintendo Entertainment System. The NES port changed it from a beat em’ up to a fantastically fast-paced but damn-near impossible action platformer which was very well received. There were three Ninja Gaiden games for the NES which are commonly called the “Ninja Gaiden Trilogy”, mostly due to the fact that unlike a many other action platformers of its time, the Ninja Gaiden games told a coherent and immersive story (even if the stories of all three games aren’t exactly related).… Read the rest

The first Goonies game for the Japanese Nintendo Entertainment System, simply titled Goonies, was a simple yet playable affair. It didn’t break any ground in the world of 8bit platforming action, but wasn’t a slap in the face to the genre either. For whatever reason it never saw a North American release, which is odd considering the success of the film. A little while after the release of the first Goonies game, Goonies 2 hit the shelves in Japan for the NES (or Famicon as purists like to point out) and was later released in North America, also under the title Goonies 2.… Read the rest

The Fixx are a New Wave band who enjoyed their time in the limelight back in the 80’s. They have that unmistakeable yet difficult to describe New Wave sound, similar to Simple Minds, and had a major hit in 1983 with the single One Thing Leads to Another, followed by a few minor hits before stepping back out of the limelight. The continued to make music and Beautiful Friction is their latest offering. The album was actually released in 2012, but flew straight under my radar as while I had always liked The Fixx, they weren’t really high on my list if favorite bands.… Read the rest

Final Fantasy VII. What a game. One of the first console role playing games for many people and a favourite among many more. It is sometimes called the “Game that Sold the Playstation”, although I’m sure the Playstation would have sold regardless. Some people like to hate on it because of its popularity while others use it as a benchmark of which all other console RPGs are judged. I remember when I told my mother I was going to save up my allowance to buy the game. She said it sounded like a porno title. The classy lass she is. So it has been announced, at E3 no less, that the legendary Final Fantasy VII will be remade for the Playstation 4.… Read the rest

Eschalon Book One is an isometric role playing game for the PC. I picked this game up on a whim and found it to be one of the best impulse purchases I have ever made. The creators, Basilisk Games, are an indie game studio that don’t have the funding or resources of their big-name rivals, but they do have one awesome and enjoyable game. Book One is, as you may have already guessed, the first installment in the Eschalon series. Book Two was released a little while after and Book Three a little while after that. Eschalon looks a lot like a late Ultima game, a kind of mix between 6 and 7, only really, really polished.… Read the rest

With Dwayne can-you-smell-what-the-rock-is-cooking Johnson taking the leading role of Jack Burton? Well, ‘leading role’ in the loosest sense here; Jack Burton wasn’t the hero of the film as he just kind of stumbled through it looking for a truck and came out the other end in one piece. God damn I love that movie. Big Trouble in Little China was a video store classic back when we would spend our hard earned allowance at an actual shop that rented out physical copies of movies on VHS and browse the drama section because is was right next to the room with the porno films and we would always try to get a sneak peek at some major boobage while the lady behind the counter rolled her eyes.… Read the rest