NWV Module: Sapphire Star

This is a module for the game Neverwinter Nights. While these modules are free to download and play, the game engine needed to run them is not. Check out Steam or Good Old Games to grab a copy.

Sapphire Star is based on a pen and paper D&D module of the same name that was released sometime in the 1990’s. Many of the ‘pen and paper conversion’ modules are based on much older modules from the 70’s and 80’s, so this is a newer classic. It does feel a little different than the older modules, but in a good way; it has more depth and there is far more to do.

I try to keep these module reviews free of spoilers, but know that Sapphire Star isn’t a cakewalk. The maximum recommended level for this module is 11, but I would be tempted to call that the minimum, especially if going solo. There are a few henchmen available which I highly recommended if you have a lower level character. I advise against using a new character for this module (or rather, I advise against starting this module with a new level 1 character).

You are free to wander around any area of the game right from the get-go. Some areas will provide fun and adventure while others will offer nothing but instant death. While this module isn’t linear as such, the townsfolk and other characters will give you advice on which areas to avoid at first and I highly recommend you heed their warnings.

But don’t let any of that turn you away, because Sapphire Star really is amazing. There is just so much going on that you will find yourself getting really drawn-in an immersed in your surroundings. The areas are really nicely designed, complete with secrets and out-of-the-blue sub-quests. There are a few story lines running and many characters who are more than just plot devices or quest dispensers. Given the quality of this module, I’m actually surprised its not more well known than it already is.

Any class should be fine. I went solo with a Ranger/Rogue and did really quite well overall, but some of the battles were quite difficult and required a few tries with different tactics to finally win. I also found that many areas had to be taken in stages; I would plow through as much as I could of certain section before I had to retreat, rest up, re-stock and go in for another assault. This probably had a lot to do with playing solo, so a henchmen or two should provide a smoother ride.

Note that this module has limited resting and no re-spawning, so save often. This is one module that will keep you on your toes and test your character a bit, especially if you are playing solo.

A very detailed an well written walk-through can be found here, but of course it is full of spoilers so I wouldn’t use it unless you get completely stuck.

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