NWN Module: Pool of Radiance

Click here to download from the Neverwinter Vualt

This is a module for the game Neverwinter Nights. While these modules are free to download and play, the game engine needed to run them is not. Check out Steam or Good Old Games to grab a copy.

Another decent little module for Neverwinter Nights, Pool of Radiance is based on the classic computer game of the same name, which in turn is based on the pen and paper D&D module of the same name.

This module will see you romping about a city carrying out quests, or “commissions”, from the town hall. It all feels very by-the-numbers but is enjoyable all the same. The plot is pretty thin and the focus is clearly on hacking and slashing, with little in the way of actual role-playing. There aren’t a whole lot of tricks and traps either. I don’t spoil the plot in these reviews, but as far as I know if follows the original module and game pretty closely.

I think the module was designed for a party because even though I was playing solo, characters would always refer to me as if I were a group, but it playing solo didn’t pose much of problem, nor did it break the module. Alignment and class didn’t seem to factor in much either, but I will say that without at least one decent melee fighter you are going to be completely fucked.

The sheer number of enemies is high, but they are pretty weak for the most part and shouldn’t pose too much of a problem. Even the ‘boss’ type fights were a cakewalk. The final battle is a legitimate challenge though, so be prepared. The fights themselves yield very little in the way of experience points, but completing quests gives you a nice bump to make up for it. Just don’t expect to go up very many levels during your play-through. Enemy drops are quite plentiful as well, reducing the need to spend money stocking up.

The game world itself is actually quite easy to navigate. It is made up of a bunch of square maps with each edge of each map connecting to another. If you were to look at all the maps of the game and how the go together, it would essentially be a big grid. Each exit is marked with the name of the map is connects to except, and this is important, outside of the city. The wilderness outside the city doesn’t have any markings on exits so you will ahve to put them there yourself or you will get very lost, very fast.

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