Nezumi Man


Nezumi means Mouse and Man means Man. That’s pretty much all you need to know about this games mascot. Starting the game up I find that the game window doesn’t quite fit in my laptops screen. Oh well. As soon as it starts I know what I’m in for; a Megaman clone. The level select screen is the same, the controls are the same, the attack is the same (only you can’t do a charge shot for some stupid reason). Despite this, after a few minutes of play time you do somewhat forget that it’s a blatant rip-off. Well allmost.

Much like Mega Man you can do the levels in the order you want to. Each level has a boss with a name ending in Nezumi (mouse). Except one boss is called “Usagi”. Usagi is Japanese for Rabbit, but the boss is a kangaroo. Why? Because KANGAROOS, FUCK YEAH! After you defeat each boss you get the use of a certain special power which is related to the boss you beat. I found the most useful one to be the dragon homing missiles and the most useless to be the smoke cloud attack. It is seriously just a couple of puffs of smoke that lazily float up into the air, causing a tiny amount of damage to whatever it hits. Trying to use this attack is about as effective as trying to nail jelly to a tree. Most for the other special attacks come in handy though.

The enemies in this game are … interesting. Or dog-nuts crazy, take your pick. I do prefer a variety of baddies to beat up than the same robot/ninja/whatever used over and over. The thing that got me is that some of the enemies are really big, and could almost be classed as sub-bosses. Although a few are tiny and impossible to hit. My personal favourite is a toss up between the rooster riding the rolling log and the exploding snowmen. I was hoping for oiled up cyborg female ninjas, but I guess you can’t have everything.

The controls are good, thank fuck. Terrible controls would have really killed this game as there is a lot of precise jumping and timing. The physics of some of the levels varies slightly. For example one of the stages has a space theme and the gravity is all fucked. You can jump really high and kind of float across the screen. There are some jumping puzzles in this level which are a lot harder than you would think. There is also an ice stage where you slip and slide around the place. I fucking hate ice stages. I don’t even like mice. Come to think of it, it’s a miracle I don’t hate this game.

Once you have beaten all the bosses you get sent to the final series of stages, each with it’s own mini boss. And those levels are pretty tough, but not impossible. There is actually a lot of game in this little package, especially for a freeware title. Despite being a bit of a rip off I really enjoyed this game, for whatever reason I just couldn’t stop playing it. I think that the level of difficulty has a bit to do with it. It’s very well balanced. It also has unlimited continues so you don’t really have much of an excuse to put down the game pad (which it supports!).


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