The Reboot that Nobody Asked for!



Cutesy little side scrolling shooter based on anime series Purikyua. It’s a fan-made game and isn’t endorsed of part of the official canon of the series, which by the way is aimed at little girls. With the aside, the Maho-Shu is a freeware title and is enjoyable enough to warrant that hefty price tag.

You select between two different characters with slightly different attributes (in practice they are about the same) and get to blasting the shit out of everything. The more you enimies you hit (hit, not kill) the more your gauge fills up, which allows you to activate a stronger attack. The gauge seems time based when using the special attack; it doesn’t deplete depending on how much you use it, rather it acts as a time limit.

Maho-Shu supported my game pad and was playable windowed or full-screen, though I noticed a tiny amount of screen tear when playing full screen.

Scroll down the page until you find the button shown and click it to download Maho-Shu.