The Reboot that Nobody Asked for!


Magical Jewelry ~メルーの冒険~

Magic Jewlery is a puzzle based platformer from Japanese freeware game developer Many. It features a little witch who has the ability to create magic boulders and place them in front of herself. The object of the game is to use her magic boulders to reach the gems that are sprinkled about each stage. The basic mechanics of the game are pretty simple and it doesn’t take very long at all to become proficient and magical boulder creation. On the surface, Magical Jewelry looks so cute, what with the little witch girl running about collecting jewels. Do let that fool you though, this game does get quite difficult as you progress through the stages.

The controls are rather simple. The arrow keys are used fro movement, and the “z” key is used to place a boulder to the left of the witch (who’s name is Mel, by the way) while pressing the “x” will produce as boulder to her right. The reason for this control scheme (I’m guessing) is because pressing a direction will make Mel go in that direction; she doesn’t turn her body and stay in the same spot. There is no jumping in this game either. Many of the levels make you rely on ladders and carefully placed boulders to succeed. There are however enemies. There is a dog that roams around some of the levels. If you lay a boulder in his path then he will hit it and bounce off in the opposite direction, but if he manages to bite you then it’s back to the start of the level.

The game is completely in Japanese, although the messages that are shown at the top of each level screen are mostly the creator trying to plug their website or other random pieces of useless advice. A working knowledge of Japanese isn’t required to play Magical Jewelry. The basic controls described above are pretty much all you need to control Mel. Do remember that the enter key restarts the level if you happen to find yourself stuck (and you will), while the escape key takes you to the title screen.

Click the link below to download the game (it is zipped in a weird file format, but any unzipping program should unzip it anyway)

Like I said before, this game is no walk in the park. It a lot of fun but also very challenging. It’s nice in that it has that “pick-up-and-play” simplicity and is perfect for a quick coffee break time killer.