Magical Broom Extreme


Magical Broom Extreme is completely insane, balls to the walls, seizure inducing, mind numbing fun for the whole family. This game is like that kid at school who had ADHD, only this is a computer game and not a small child. It’s a side scrolling shooter on crystal meth. It’s awesome.

I really enjoyed this game, despite not really knowing what the hell was going on. First of all it’s snowing in the game, and you control a little witch riding a broom stick (hence the name) who fires magic bullets (or something) out of the end of her broom (I think). Holding down the fire button makes the little witch charge her her broom stick and release a mega shot which homes in on nearby enemies.

Powerups come in the form of boxes on the screen with a letter inside. The letter corresponds to the nature of the powerup and also changes quite quickly, allowing you to wait until the letter (powerup) you need shows up. They are pretty run of the mill; S – increases speed, R – recovers health, P – increase shooting power, F – summons a fairy (of course) ect.

One thing about this game is that shit flies all over the place. Every time you shoot down an enemy they burst into a bunch of little white pieces which can be collected for points, kill five or so baddies in quick succession and the screen fills up. Most of the time I can’t even see the enemy’s fire. Despite this, it is reasonably easy to stay alive. The controls are nice and fluid, if not at times a little too sensitive and the hit detection is spot on.

This game is a little old and I’m not sure exactly how well known it is outside of the Japanese freeware scene, but if you haven’t already tried it, then by all means give it a go. Just don’t get angry at me when it gives you a seizure from all the crazy shit happening at once.

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