Magic Mop


Magic Mop is a nice little time waster for the PC by Japanese freeware developer Studio Cyber Junk Project . The game consists of little maid waxing floors with the goal being to wax each section of the floor without going over the same spot twice. It seems like a simple concept and it is. That is seriously the whole game in a nutshell.

The first few stages are painfully easy. There is almost no thought involved and one could just about do them blindfolded. It’s not until the later levels that you must begin to think ahead and plot out the best plan of action in advance. As one would expect, the levels get progressively harder as the game goes on and I for one found myself screwing up a lot. I think what really gets me about this game is that it seems so easy, so I would often let my guard down and quite literally paint myself in a corner.

The game is freeware title and it shows. I’m not trying to slander the good name of anyone that releases a fun game for free, rather I find that the overall amateurishness of the whole thing is kind of charming. This game would be awesome on pretty much any kind of had held device. I don’t think it has been ported to anything officially, which is a shame, but it has become one of my most-clicked desktop icons on my netbook.

I don’t really know what else to say about this title really. It a fun little time waster and a bit of a challenge. It super easy to learn and has a strangely relaxing affect on the player. Give it a try.


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