Legend Cave


Legend cave is a free RPG/platform hybrid from Japanese freeware developer Bombalmen. The game is completely in Japanese, however that shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying it as there is virtually no dialog. It is not a story rich epic journey type RPG, but rather a ‘you VS everything’ survival type of game. The game opens to the developer’s logo and then straight into the main menu. First time players of course will want to start a new game, which is the first option on the screen

In Legend Cave, you choose from one four character types, as well as their gender. These choices are pretty much pointless as all the characters can use all the items and weapons in the game and the only thing that class choice affects is which items the player starts the first screen equipped with and what the player sprite looks like. But whatever, the game itself kicks so much ass that you will probably end up playing as each character at least once, just for the hell of it.

As with any platform game, the controls are very important. Luckily Legend Cave doesn’t completely fuck it up as the controls are quite fluid and responsive, however you have to press up to jump. I god damn hate that. I really only tolerate it because legend cave supports joy pads. The music is also worth noting, while it does sound a little like a polyphonic ring-tone on someone’s cellphone, it is very mellow and doesn’t get too old too quick, I personally like to play this game with Huey Lewis and the News blasting in the background while wearing a pair of over-sized aviator sunglasses (fucking screen glare) but I will let you the reader decide what is best for your gaming experience.

The game, by the way, is fucking long and hard. I have never actually finished this game because you can only save your game via save points (they even look like the ones out of Final Fantasy 7). The biggest problem with this is that they are really few and far between and, unless I’m doing it wrong which my wife assures me I am, every time you save the game you get taken to the title screen. It’s like the game is kicking you out for not being hard enough, you nancy boy.

This game has so many weird items that do the weirdest things. There is a Pandora’s Box item and when you use it you have no idea what the hell will happen. It killed me once. Another cool thing about this game is that once you are done with an item you can physically throw it into an enemy causing them damage. So once you have used up all the ammo in your book of magic fireballs, you can literally throw the book at whatever you are fighting at the time. Get it? Throw the book at him. Hahaha, you’ve been a marvelous audience.

The game itself is free, but comes as a .lzh file. Any normal un-zipping program should be able to extract it. The game is reasonably old, so you may have to play around with the compatibility settings, however I am running it fine under Windows XP.

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