KiddEd – Level Editor for Alex Kidd in Miracle World

KiddED (click here) is a level editor for the Sega Master System classic Alex Kidd in Miracle World which was built into the Master System 2 model.  Despite the name, the Master System 2 wasn’t actually a generation after the original Master System, but rather a re-modeled version which lost the card reader for card-based games and stuck to the cartridge port. Anyway, prior to Sonic the too-radical-for-the-90’s Hedgehog bursting on to the scene, Alex Kidd – the lost prince of a far away fantasy land called Radaxian – was Sega’s flagship character.

The level editor gives you a great deal of control of the levels, to the point where you can re-build them from the ground up, however some enemies, particularly bosses, are a hassle to alter but can often be worked around. The program is incredibly easy to use – to easy in fact that I was putting my own levels together in mere minutes, and I know even less about game programming than I do about staying sober or holding down a job.

You are going to need a ROM image of Alex Kidd in Miracle World in order to get the editor to work, and while I’m sure that finding a download won’t pose much trouble for anyone who access to google, do know that using ROMs falls into a legal grey area and many online retro-gaming communities won’t even talk about them. Not us though – we don’t give a fuck. As far as I know edited roms can be played under any Master System compatible emulator, so you will be able to play your own custom levels in no time.


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