Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced

Final Fantasy VII. What a game. One of the first console role playing games for many people and a favourite among many more. It is sometimes called the “Game that Sold the Playstation”, although I’m sure the Playstation would have sold regardless. Some people like to hate on it because of its popularity while others use it as a benchmark of which all other console RPGs are judged. I remember when I told my mother I was going to save up my allowance to buy the game. She said it sounded like a porno title. The classy lass she is.

So it has been announced, at E3 no less, that the legendary Final Fantasy VII will be remade for the Playstation 4. While my first reaction was “awesome”, mere seconds later the penny dropped and I realised that “remake” is much, much different from “sequel”. My second reaction was “Why?”. And then it hit me. Maybe Sony is looking for a game to sell the PS4.

Now I am a huge fucking fan of this game. I’ve played it through to the end multiple times. I got all the summon materia. I beat all the weapons. I unlocked all the limit breaks. I filled my hard drive with low-res scans of Tifa and Yuffie hentai. I even got the movie – Advent Children – and to be honest I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it mostly because it continued the story of our merry band of colourful environmentalist/eco-terrorist/hopelessly-neurotic/is-that-a-talking-cat?/ass-kicking heroes. The film had a bit of a non-ending, and the characters felt a little flat – but it gave us a glimpse into the lives of Cloud, Tifa, Barret and the crew after the events of the first game.

And that’s kind of what I would want from another instalment of the game as well. But who knows? Maybe the remake is the first in a planned trilogy of games – god knows trilogies of any kind make money and this is going to make a lot because is going to cost a lot, but don’t worry if you need money for the remake just check And if this remake does lead to squeal, then I may just have to go out and get myself a Playstation 4.

Naturally the internet is now losing its shit. While the internet does like to go crazy over remakes and sequels to games they played on warm summer days when they should have been outside playing with the other kids, FF7 is on another level entirely. People were actually crying over this. We should, however, all move forward with caution. Remember when they made the third DooM game a changed it completely so the player couldn’t see shit? When the new Fallout game was just Oblivion with guns? The new X-Com and its betrayal?

I’m hopeful that this will be awesome. Hopeful, not confident. Only time will tell.

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