Double Dragon 4 coming soon to Steam and PS4

Double Dragon 4 coming soon to Steam and PS4

A new installment in the legendary Double Dragon franchise is set to hit the virtual shelves on January 30th, 2017, which just happens to mark the 30th anniversary of the first Double Dragon title. The order of games is a little out of whack as Super Double Dragon for the Super Nintendo is technically the fourth Double Dragon game, but whatever, I’m just happy to see another Double Dragon title.

As you could probably tell from the trailer, it is made to resemble an old school 8bit beat-em’-up. It definitely looks authentic, but only time will tell if Double Dragon 4 will live up to it’s predecessors in terms of gameplay. I almost lost a few friends playing this game as a child due to a few miss-placed attacks which sent the other player off the screen or into a river. The version I am most familiar with is the Sega Master System version which handled really well, but was plagued with sprite flickering as many arcade-ports tended to be. I doubt a newly made PC port will suffer from sprite flickering, unless the developers have decided to go for full-retard level authenticity.

It is probably important to note that a new company, Arc System Works, purchased the rights to Double Dragon from its original producer, Technos Japan, which means that none of the creative talent (as far as I know) from the original games had any part in Double Dragon 4’s creation. Bu who knows? Maybe a fresh take on the game might actually see some innovations to the game, as while it may be fun as all hell, Double Dragon was and still is relatively simple.

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