Destruction Desire


This game is freaking awesome. It’s a 2D fighter, similar to Guilty Gear, which seems to have been made with some kind of fighting game making kit. The graphics in this game are fan-fucking-tastic and fluid as hell. It really is a nicely polished piece of work. Unfortunately the creator has given up on the game making business (according to his website) which is a shame, but it can’t be helped.The game isn’t exactly new on the freeware scene and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few die hard Otaku out there have already played it, but whatever. I like this game so I’m gonna review it.

The game only has five characters, but they are all completely different and have unique special moves. I mean really unique, one of the characters is a little old man that fights mostly by summoning the spirits of animals. You will know what I mean the first time he nails you against the wall with two wolves and a bear. Other characters include banging hot milf that throws bombs all over the place, some kind of sword master and a dude that fights with help from the undead. I would go into more detail, but discovering new characters and trying them out is half the fun ofthese games, in my humble opinion.

The game isn’t overly difficult, but once the opponent gets you in a decent combo, you’re fucked. Destruction desire has unlimited continues so I was able to finish the game in my first sitting. Once completed you get “d mode” which is the same game, at a higher difficulty level. Once you finish that you get “dd mode” which pits you against two or more opponents at the same time. I got my ass handed to me. Seriously that shit is impossible. It doesn’t take too long to complete the game though, as there are only 5 or so stages. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting beaten by a single character over and over again. I am not sure if it was intentional or not, but each character seems to have another character that they are weak against. Personally I am weak against the milf because she shows a lot of leg and cleavage.Sometimes I select her just to make her jump up and down over and over. And over again.

The controls are good, thank god, even if the computer seems to operate at lightning speeds a lot of the time. Destruction desire has a kind of power bar that fills up a little each time you land a hit, although in this case the “bar” is actually a “wheel”. Once you have filled you wheel up, you simply press the super special button and away you go. The super special attacks can be blocked and you character is still vulnerable to attacks while it is being performed, so timing is a key aspect when trying to use them.

As an overall package, DestructionDesire slays giants and shits rainbows. It’s one of those fighting games that you simply cannot put down until you have beaten every last stage. The kind of game that makes your blood boil whenever you lose. It’s freaking awesome, and despite how comparatively “small” it is compared to a lot of commercial titles, I still find myself coming back for more punishment on a regular basis.

I just wish the creator hadn’t up and left like an drunk father on Christmas eve. You never know, with any luck he is working for Capcom now.

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Author: geishaboy