As mentioned in an earlier post, Bandai have teamed together with Brother (the printer and fax machine company) to release some printable retro game characters. All you need is a regular paper printer, scissors, glue and a free afternoon to put them all together. The best part? It is all completely free. And now a quick guide which will have you downloading, printing, and getting glue all over your fingers as you swear a blue streak attempting to put the characters together in no time. First go to the landing page by clicking here These kinds of paper models have always been quite tricky to put together (the stars under the image indicate the difficulty level) but this time the Bandai and Brother have pulled all the stops and released a paper model with a hernia-inducing level of difficulty.… Read the rest

A YouTube channel by the name of JoBlo videos has uploaded a trailer of what they believe an 8-bit tie in game for the soon-to-be released Wonder Woman film. Anyone who has actually played an 8 bit system can immediately tell that the envisioned game would be far more than any of them could handle. While the Sega Master System was able to pull off some decent looking graphics by the end of its life-cycle, I don’t think even that system would be able to achieve the fluid and quick gameplay shown in the trailer without sprite-flickering to the point of unplayability.… Read the rest

It was released in Wednesday that the class NES side-scrolling platform shooter would be made into a live action movie – in China. The film was given the green light by the Chinese Film Bureau and of course the setting of the game has been taken from the original south pacific island (off the coast of New Zealand) so some remote island in the South China Sea. A teaser for the film was even released; …which tells us roughly one-tenth of sweet fuck all about the actual film. Though to be fair, it’s kind of refreshing to see a trailer that doesn’t give away the entire film in 90 seconds or less.… Read the rest

Relative Linkage In a move that absolutely no one saw coming, Bandai has teamed up with Brother (that company which makes printers and fax machines) to produce printable retro game character models which are available for download, for free, via their website. Simply rock on up to the site, click on the desired character, download the .pdf file, print it and swear a blue streak as you attempt to construct your character of choice. I haven’t tried any of them yet, but it seems legit enough. The downloads are only available until the 29th of June, BUT, if the total number of downloads exceeds 10,000, Bandai have promised to release a second set, so get out there and start cutting and pasting like a hungover collage student pouring over Wikipedia the morning their essay is due.… Read the rest

A new installment in the legendary Double Dragon franchise is set to hit the virtual shelves on January 30th, 2017, which just happens to mark the 30th anniversary of the first Double Dragon title. The order of games is a little out of whack as Super Double Dragon for the Super Nintendo is technically the fourth Double Dragon game, but whatever, I’m just happy to see another Double Dragon title. As you could probably tell from the trailer, it is made to resemble an old school 8bit beat-em’-up. It definitely looks authentic, but only time will tell if Double Dragon 4 will live up to it’s predecessors in terms of gameplay.… Read the rest

Konami has released the soundtracks of 53 of their old school titles, over 1000 individual tracks, via the online music store Chakushin Uta (releative linkage). The site itself is Japanese, and it has not been made clear if Konami will release the soundtracks internationally, but it is a step in an awesome direction for video game music lovers everywhere. The tracks went up for sale on the 21st of December (2016). I had a poke around the site and it looks like you need a Konami ID, which *I think* can be set up from anywhere on planet, and not just the land of the rising sun.… Read the rest

Third party consoles, or hardware emulation devices, are nothing new. There have been consoles released in the past which have emulated the hardware of the NES, Super Nintendo and even Genesis so that they can accept and play original carts form those systems. Hell, multi-system hardware emulators aren’t even a new thing, which most being made with slots to accept  carts from different console types. RetroFreak is looking to take the concept to a whole new level. This device claims to do it all. Not only does it have support for a number of consoles, including the NES, SNES, Genesis, PCEngine, GB, GBA, but also boasts save states, cheats, output filters, multi-gamepad support and, possibly most controversial of all, the ability to copy the game file from a cart and add it to an on-board library of games.… Read the rest

With Dwayne can-you-smell-what-the-rock-is-cooking Johnson taking the leading role of Jack Burton? Well, ‘leading role’ in the loosest sense here; Jack Burton wasn’t the hero of the film as he just kind of stumbled through it looking for a truck and came out the other end in one piece. God damn I love that movie. Big Trouble in Little China was a video store classic back when we would spend our hard earned allowance at an actual shop that rented out physical copies of movies on VHS and browse the drama section because is was right next to the room with the porno films and we would always try to get a sneak peek at some major boobage while the lady behind the counter rolled her eyes.… Read the rest

It looks as thought the Sega Game Gear is getting a long overdue screen upgrade, nearly 18 years after its production was discontinued. Anyone who has ever attempted to play this damn thing in anything other pitch-black darkness will know all too well how prone this dinky system was to screen glare. The Game Gear was supposed to challenge the Gameboy for the (at the time) new market of portable consoles. If failed for a number of reasons, with the lack of visibility being right at the top of the list of complaints. Well, that and the way it would drain batteries like an engineering student drains a beer bong.… Read the rest