NWV Module: Sapphire Star

This is a module for the game Neverwinter Nights. While these modules are free to download and play, the game engine needed to run them is not. Check out Steam or Good Old Games to grab a copy. Sapphire Star is based on a pen and paper D&D module of the same name that was released sometime in the 1990’s. Many of the ‘pen and paper conversion’ modules are based on much older modules from the 70’s and 80’s, so this is a newer classic. It does feel a little different than the older modules, but in a good way; it has more depth and there is far more to do.… Read the rest

NWN Module: Pool of Radiance

Click here to download from the Neverwinter Vualt This is a module for the game Neverwinter Nights. While these modules are free to download and play, the game engine needed to run them is not. Check out Steam or Good Old Games to grab a copy. Another decent little module for Neverwinter Nights, Pool of Radiance is based on the classic computer game of the same name, which in turn is based on the pen and paper D&D module of the same name. This module will see you romping about a city carrying out quests, or “commissions”, from the town hall.… Read the rest

NWN Module: Mountain of Mirrors

This is a module for the game Neverwinter Nights. While these modules are free to download and play, the game engine needed to run them is not. Check out Steam or Good Old Games to grab a copy. Mountain of Mirrors is a module for Neverwinter Nights, which was re-released as an Enhanced Edition not long ago and has re-kindled my love for the game. The original Mountain of Mirrors was actually one of those choose-your-own adventure books, rather than a playable D&D module that you could play with friends. Mountain of Mirrors for Neverwinter Nights is a relatively short module.… Read the rest

The Secret Treasure of Nostradamus ノストラダムスの秘宝

I wasn’t able to find out anything about this game’s creator or the origin of this game, expect that it was submitted to some kind of home-brew game competition. The premise is simple, collect all the treasure on one single, static screen to complete the level. The player character can smash the blocks directly above himself by jumping up into them, a la Super Mario Bros, but can only smash blocks made from bricks, with the solid blue blocks being impossible to smash. There are items in the game which have different effects, but probably not what the average game is used to.… Read the rest

NJ Doom

Click here to get your hands on zDoom, a doom source-port which makes playing custom doom levels as easy as shit. NJ Doom is a custom WAD file for Doom. A WAD file holds the level data itself and *is* essentially the game, so a custom WAD file is really just a way of saying a custom set of Doom levels. There are hundreds of such WAD files floating about, and it might surprise some to know that the Doom 1 & 2 modding community is still alive and kicking after all these years. I have been playing these fan-created doom levels and remakes on and off for a while now, and I thought it might be time that I share some of the better ones I come across.… Read the rest

ParityShot Integral

Cute little witches ride around on brooms and shoot the every loving shit out of balls of fluff and other witches. The video will do a better job of describing it than I ever could. It’s on a demo, and it’s pretty short, but fuck-me-runnin’ if it ain’t fun. Click here to go to download page… Read the rest

Ahead Striker

Ahead Striker is a top-down freeware shooter with good enough production values and gameplay innovation to make it a cut above the rest of the countess number of freeware Japanese shooters. The game looks very nice and plays exceptionally smoothly, and even has a pumping soundtrack, but what really impressed me was the shooting itself. The player craft can shoot in three different directions; forward, backwards or from (both) sides. While it is a little fiddly to begin with, it made for an interesting and quite intense gaming session. There is a bomb attack available which is a little overpowered, but hey, sometimes it is nice to have the tables turned in your favor.… Read the rest

Mouse Shooting

Mouse Shooting is a super-simple space shooter in which the player space craft is controlled by the mouse. Movement is unrestricted by artificial lag or slow down, so you can dart about the player screen with the same speed you could move the cursor on your desktop to close that porn site when your wife walks into the room. The creator actually already uploaded a gameplay video, so I will link that here as it does a better job of showcasing the gameplay than my dictionary-through-a-blender approach to writing ever could. Click here go to download page… Read the rest

Wonder Woman 8-Bit Trailer Mock-Up

A YouTube channel by the name of JoBlo videos has uploaded a trailer of what they believe an 8-bit tie in game for the soon-to-be released Wonder Woman film. Anyone who has actually played an 8 bit system can immediately tell that the envisioned game would be far more than any of them could handle. While the Sega Master System was able to pull off some decent looking graphics by the end of its life-cycle, I don’t think even that system would be able to achieve the fluid and quick gameplay shown in the trailer without sprite-flickering to the point of unplayability.… Read the rest

Contra to see a Live Action Movie Release

It was released in Wednesday that the class NES side-scrolling platform shooter would be made into a live action movie – in China. The film was given the green light by the Chinese Film Bureau and of course the setting of the game has been taken from the original south pacific island (off the coast of New Zealand) so some remote island in the South China Sea. A teaser for the film was even released; …which tells us roughly one-tenth of sweet fuck all about the actual film. Though to be fair, it’s kind of refreshing to see a trailer that doesn’t give away the entire film in 90 seconds or less.… Read the rest