Jazz Jackrabbit is a 1995 side scrolling action platformer for the PC. A Mac version was also released and a re-boot was made for the Gameboy Advance in 2002. It was designed and published by Epic MegaGames who, apart from having the most awesomest name in the gaming world, also produced such classics as Jill of Jungle, One Must Fall 2097 and Unreal. In 1999 they dropped the ‘Mega’ from their name and made Gears of War. So yeah, these guys know how to make games. Jazz Jackrabbit provided PC gamers at the time with something they had been longing for; Sonic the Hedgehog.… Read the rest

Hexen, often considered the spiritual successor of Heretic, was developed by Raven Software and first released in 1994 for the PC. It was later ported to the Playstation, Saturn and N64. I had fond memories of playing Hexen, both the old DOS version as well as the Playstation port. After discovering Zdoom, a fantastic source-port of the original doom engine, I set out on an adventure into nostalgia. I instantly remembered what I loved about this game as soon as I loaded it up. The atmosphere really gets under your skin. It’s a Sword and Sorcery themed game and is filled with misty moors, dark forests, scorched wastelands and murky swamps.… Read the rest

Heretic was released in 1994 and put together by Raven Software, who would go on to rule the roost in the “dark-fantasy-first-person-shooter” niche. It was made using a modified version of the doom engine. Heretic feels a lot like Doom, and many of the weapons seem like medieval counterparts of Doom’s arsenal. But there is also enough here to really make it a game of its own. Jumping and crouching are two things that Heretic does but Doom doesn’t, and they add another aspect to game play. Probably the biggest change is the inventory system, which was ground breaking in its time.… Read the rest

Download God of Thunder is a top-down action/puzzle/rpg hybrid which, despite the odd combination of play styles, is a hell of a lot of fun. It was initially released as shareware in 1993 by Software Creations, but was officially released as freeware in 2002. It is a classic DOS game and probably rings a bell with anyone who was a part of the 90’s shareware scene. The game has a top-down perspective, reminiscent of an early Zelda game. However you carry no sword. You play Thor, the god of thunder so accordingly you carry a hammer that always returns to you when thrown.… Read the rest

Download Excelsior, Phase One is the first of two freeware role playing games produced by 11th Dimension Entertainment. The first game is reminiscent of the early Ultima games while the second instalment looks and plays more like one of the later entries in the Ultima series. In my humble and often disregarded opinion, Excelsior Phase One trumps the lot. Well maybe it doesn’t quite “trump” the Ultima series, but it is definitely on the same level. The game is free to download and play indefinitely, however the games creators ask that you register the game if you happen like it. You don’t have to register to keep playing, but if you find yourself enjoying it there is no reason not to register you copy.… Read the rest

Download Magic Mop is a nice little time waster for the PC by Japanese freeware developer Studio Cyber Junk Project . The game consists of little maid waxing floors with the goal being to wax each section of the floor without going over the same spot twice. It seems like a simple concept and it is. That is seriously the whole game in a nutshell. The first few stages are painfully easy. There is almost no thought involved and one could just about do them blindfolded. It’s not until the later levels that you must begin to think ahead and plot out the best plan of action in advance.… Read the rest

Click the button below to download the shareware version Threat is top-down shoot ‘em up for the PC, released in 1995 by Fragment software. It was, as was standard practice at the time, released as shareware with paid registration required to unlock two of the three episodes. As Fragment Software’s website is no longer up and running, it is no longer possible to register the game. However the shareware version can easily be found after a little internet-fu on your favorite search engine. I did have the full version of this game, but the files are long gone. Each level is comprised of a single screen.… Read the rest