Freeware: Box


Well what can I say about this game? The title says it all really. Box. Yep, it sure is. Box is a puzzle game where you have to fit a bunch of smaller boxes inside of a bigger one. That’s it. There is no time limit that I am aware of and the scoring system seems kind of arbitrary. So yeah, little boxes inside of big boxes. You are able to select the level of difficulty and style of boxes and…that’s a bout it. The title doesn’t lie. This is from the same creator as Magical Jewelry, who it seems has an affinity for puzzle games.

“Well, is it fun?” I hear you ask. Well, yeah, it is I guess. There isn’t a whole lot of game there to get my teeth into as a game reviewer, but what is there is entertaining, at least as a boredom killer. The game can get pretty difficult if you increase the difficulty settings beyond the mid-range due to the small boxes becoming smaller and more numerous. You also can’t “die” in any way and if you think you have misplaced on of the smaller boxes, you can simply drag it straight back out without any penalty.

So there you have it. Box. A game that lives up to it’s name. According ti the creators website, the game actually has another name, 収納の魔術師 which translates to “Storage Magician”. No I don’t know why they called it that, but I’m guessing that Japanese freeware developers just like to fuck with people. Just call the game Box. It makes more sense that way.


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