Ahead Striker

Ahead Striker is a top-down freeware shooter with good enough production values and gameplay innovation to make it a cut above the rest of the countess number of freeware Japanese shooters.

The game looks very nice and plays exceptionally smoothly, and even has a pumping soundtrack, but what really impressed me was the shooting itself. The player craft can shoot in three different directions; forward, backwards or from (both) sides. While it is a little fiddly to begin with, it made for an interesting and quite intense gaming session. There is a bomb attack available which is a little overpowered, but hey, sometimes it is nice to have the tables turned in your favor. Another interesting aspect of this game is that there is no collision detection between the player craft and enemy crafts. It is only the projectile attacks which can destroy the player, and a single hit will make you loose a life.

When the game starts, you are given a choice of game modes. I can’t really tell what the difference is, but choose the “Assisted” mode, as it enables auto-fire so you won’t have to keep tapping the fire buttons like nutcase. All in all, a decent little shooter with enough innovation to hold your attention for a while.

Controls: W – fire forward, A – fire to the sides, D – fire backwards, pressing two keys at once will set of a bomb (though not every time, for some reason)

(The game supported my gamepad)

Download: https://www.freem.ne.jp/dl/win/10837






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