Freeware: わなx2 – Wana x 2


WanaX2 is a ghost catching game. Kind of like that that movie Ghostbusters, but with less Bill Murray. The word “wana” typically means “trap” in Japanese, which would explain the whole ghost catching side, but I’m not sure about the “x2” part. Mind you, I doubt anyone at all really gives a shit anyways.

The basic mechanics of the game are very simple. You simply move around the play area (which is a single, non scrolling screen) and lay ghost traps in the hope that a one of the ghosts prancing around the room will wander into it and get trapped. Like the pawn shop scene in Pulp Fiction, but with fewer samurai swords and less butt-rape. Most of the ghosts follow a predictable pattern, which makes things a little easier when you are trying to catch them. Others however, mince about the place at random. If you get hit by one of the ghosts (by walking into them) you lose a unit of health. But unless you’ve got the palsy I doubt this will happen much at all.

The graphics are surprisingly good. It almost looks like a commercial game. Given that the title screen looks like something a high school kid would draw in his work book instead of doing algebra, the in-game graphics look great, nice and crisp.

The stages consist of the same size screen each with a different layout. Sometimes there are walls or furniture that crate obstacles and up the challenge a little. There are also bonus stages every now and then, I think in the first one you need to see how long you can last in a room without being hit as the number of ghosts gradually increase whilst being unable to lay any traps. One other thing I noticed is that you can do combos in this game. The traps that you lay (which look like witchcraft circles) last for a certain amount of time and you can lay two at once. If you catch a ghost in one trap, and then lay another trap and catch a ghost in that one before the first one disappears then you get a combo, and a special item appears which can be collected for bonus points. I think it may be possible to get a triple combo, or even go higher, but it would require some seriously awesome timing. I have never managed to do it.

Overall it’s a pretty good game. I really enjoyed it. It just kind of feels like the same thing over and over. Still, if you are looking for something light to waste away some time you really can’t go wrong with this little gem.


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